Protection of Biodiversity

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A memorandum of understanding for biodiversity in Guinea Sylvatrop Consulting was present for the signature of a memorandum of understanding for the protection of the biodiversity between 6 mining companies, the Guinean State and the representatives of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). We are pleased to note that we work regularly with some

Initial state and study of potential impacts: the case of artisanal fisheries

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Artisanal fisheries in a mining concession: a study of ecosystem services Sylvatrop Consulting was mandated to define and quantify the ecosystem services provided by artisanal fisheries located in a mining concession. This study analyzed through a 3-week field survey: the different fishing activities and the types of pirogues used: foot fishing, salan, gbankegnyi, flimbotes,

Contribution to an environmental impact assessment

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Effectiveness of the drone to assess the size of a chimpanzee population Within the framework of the development of a dam, Sylvatrop Consulting was commissioned to carry out a drone survey. Objective: to estimate the size of the local chimpanzee population. Their presence was detected by feeding or nesting signs. In this

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