Historical expertise in environment, rural and community development

SYLVATROP CONSULTING’s skills are numerous. In particular, we are experts in the determination and collection of basic data, and in the preparation and execution of management plans. We create integrated technical and scientific solutions for you.

SYLVATROP CONSULTING benefits from the experience of the NGO Sylvatrop from which it originates, as well as that of its founders and collaborators. All of them have been working for more than 15 years in developing and emerging countries. Thus, we have a network of experienced specialists. They are experts recognized by the main donors for the management of large multilateral development aid programs. All have proven themselves in the field, in the areas of environment, rural and community development.

SYLVATROP CONSULTING’s fleet of UAV and the professionalism of its pilots allow it to meet your various needs: species tracking, building inspection, cartography, topography, stockpile evaluation and much more.

Thanks to SYLVATROP CONSULTING’s historical expertise, you benefit from the experience of a dynamic and innovative team, used to respecting the most demanding international standards!

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Rural development